Wednesday, April 24, 2013

D.C. Toffees - Everton Supporters Club in Washington, D.C.

In the first of a series of posts on established and newly formed supporters clubs in the United states we talked to Omar who founded the D.C. Toffees - an affiliated Everton FC supporters club in the nations capital.

When & how was your supporters club founded?
DC Toffees was founded in July 2011, after the Everton-DC United match.  The Boston Evertonians were able to assist DC supporters in getting access to the tryout and the player meet and greet, and once we saw the support here in DC, we thought we should have a supporters' group of our own.

Evertonians from all over the US & beyond gathered outside RFK stadium for a tailgate in advance of the Everton vs DC United game in 2011. A very memorable day for US Blues.

How many members do you have and what is the mix of US fans/UK/Ireland ex-pats?
We have 75 Facebook members and 24 official members.  We have a good mix of
US fans and ex-pats.

Have many of your members travelled to the UK or elsewhere to watch the Blues?
I believe 3 members have traveled to matches thus far.

Where do you regularly get together to watch the Blues?
We regularly meet at Fado in Washington DC for all televised matches (not those on tape delay or Internet-only.)

The DC Toffees getting together for an EFC game at Fado

What kind of numbers are gathering there?
6-8 members for a typical game

How do you promote the supporters club and find new members?
We promote the club on Facebook and via retweets on Twitter; via Everton USA; and in-person recruiting at Fado

Have you affiliated with Everton and what are the benefits of that which your members use the most?
We've just recently affiliated with Everton.

How do most of your members stay in touch with the regular developments on and off the field for the Blues?
UK Newspapers and the Official Site.

In what way do you think Everton USA can be of use to Evertonians based here stateside.
Everton USA has lessons learned that can help other groups starting up.  It is also a great place for all the clubs to share information and join other clubs as they travel.

For more information or to get in touch with the D.C. Toffees see the links below:


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